Linkage with other educational institutions, often referred to as partnerships or collaborations, are highly beneficial for our institution


Resource Sharing:  Our Institutions share resources such as library materials, research facilities, and specialized equipment. This can significantly reduce costs and expand access to resources that may not be available at individual institutions.


Research Collaboration: Partnering with other institutions can foster collaborative research projects, allowing access to a broader pool of expertise and resources. This can lead to more impactful research outcomes and opportunities for funding.


Student Exchange Programs: Establishing partnerships with other educational institutions enables students of our institution to participate in exchange programs, allowing them to study abroad, experience different cultures, and access courses or resources not available at their home institution.

Professional Development Opportunities: Collaborative initiatives provide faculty and staff with opportunities for professional development, such as workshops, seminars, and collaborative research projects, enhancing their skills and knowledge.


Community Engagement: Partnering with other educational institutions facilitate community engagement initiatives, such as joint outreach programs, community service projects, and collaborative efforts to address local issues.






A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between educational institutions serves as a formal agreement to establish a collaborative partnership in various areas of mutual interest. Our college has MoU with the following institutions

1.HERI, Kannur

2. V.T.B College, Sreekrishnapuram

3. Holy family college of teacher education for women, Koduvayur

4. Mahajubilee Training College, Mulloorkkara

5. NSS arts and science college, Palappuram

6. Bharathiya Vidhya Nikeethan College of Teacher Education, Kalleekkad