Institutions Energy Policy Document

Institutions Energy Policy Document
The institution has clearpolicyandguidelines for energy conservation and use.
• All individuals (teaching, nonteaching and students) of the institution should appreciate and value the use any form of energy ie., electricity andwater in abundance.
• They are entitled/obliged to save and prevent the misuse or wastage of any form of energy.
• An Energy club has to be constituted in the institution including members of teaching staff, and studentswith the principal as the Chairman.
• An Energy Monitoring Committee has to be constituted in the institution to check the use of various energy sources available in the institution.
• The energy monitoring committee shallcomprise of members from teaching, nonteaching and students of the institutionwith the principal as the Chairman.
• The energy monitoring committee shallconduct energy audit biannually and must submit the report to the head of the institution.
• Necessary actions has to be taken by the head of the institution to reduce the energy consumption based on the report submitted by the energy monitoring committee.
• Signboards on energy conservation need to be displayed at the focal points of the institution.
• Use of LED lamps must be promoted in the institution.
• Maximum use of daylight has to be promoted in classrooms and office rooms.
• Priority needs to be given to energy efficient equipment during purchase.
• Switching to solar energy has to be given prime importance.