Code of Ethics in Research

Code of Ethics in Research

The Research Department of the college offers responsible Research Opportunities, supervisions, standards and supports for good practice to all research scholars who are associated with the college.

The research department of the college has underpinned by the fundamental principles of Integrity, Objectivity, Professional competence and due care, Confidentiality, and Professional behaviour in all the research pursuing.

The college follows the research ethics principles associated with the research works of the modern research scenario honesty, objectivity, morality, prudence, openness and respect for intellectual property, respect for research works and products, confidentiality, responsible publication, responsible management, respect for co researchers and supervisors, social responsibility, anti-discrimination and contribution to the society.


Rules of Ethics

  1. The research department of the college is responsible for the professional development and enhancing research competencies of the students/scholars who are availing admission to the research prgoramme. The department assures the motto that Scholars are the Assets of the programme. 
  2. Individuals who hold the Qualification as per the norms of University of Calicut and UGC shall engage in educational research that are within the scope of the pedagogical science or allied areas in education and social sciences. Professional research practices and competence are to be performed in the search undertakings.
  3. The college will extend its research resources, including Human Resources, to other colleges, institutions and society at large through various means and methods.
  4. Individuals who engage in research shall comply with all institutional, University, UGC, NCTE, state, and national regulations that address any aspects of research in education.
  5. Individuals shall enhance and refine their professional competence and expertise through engagement in learning applicable to the research activities and skills.
  6. The administrative and supervisory personals should support the research scholars to develop their research competence, education, training, experience and research output. .
  7. Individuals in administrative or supervisory roles shall not intrude into the professional approaches and research supervision activities of others without proper permission and necessity.
  8. Individuals shall make use of technology, computer, library resources and instrumentation consistent with accepted professional guidelines in their areas of research practice. They should abide the rules and regulations of the institution.
  9. Research in education is for the welfare of the society, nation and the humanity. Individuals shall honor the responsibility to the public/society when having communication and availing needs from them in any aspect of the research works.
  1. Individuals (research scholars and supervisors) shall not misrepresent their credentials, competence, education, training, experience, and scholarly contributions.
  2. Individuals shall avoid engaging in conflicts with others in any of the matters applicable to the research works. All should cooperate each other in all walks of life at the college.
  3. Individuals shall not misrepresent research and scholarly activities, data collection procedures, gathered data, diagnostic information, services provided, results of services provided, products dispensed, or the effects of products dispensed.
  4. Individuals should always be abstained from the plagiarism and copying.
  5. Individuals'(scholars, supervisors and administrators) statements to others shall adhere to prevailing professional norms and shall not contain misrepresentations any aspects of research including research products and reporting research results.
  6. Individuals shall not knowingly make false financial or nonfinancial statements and shall complete all materials honestly and without omission.
  7. Individuals shall uphold the dignity and autonomy of the professions, maintain collaborative and harmonious inter professional and intra professional relationships,
  8. Individuals shall not engage in any form of conduct that adversely reflects on the professions or on the individual’s research interests to serve others or society professionally.

The college functions for the development in educational research scenario. All should keep in mind the vision and mission of the college during all the walks of life in the institution as research scholar or as research supervisor or as administrator or as any of the supporting personal.