Vision & Mission

Professional Excellence Through Empowering Transformation

Our Vision
Professional Excellence Through Empowering Transformation

Our Mission
To Produce Teachers who are Intellectually Alert, Professionally Competent, Morally Upright, Emotionally Integrated, Spiritually Enlightened, Physically Sound, Socially Conscious and Committed


The stakeholders of the institution are the student-teachers, the practice teaching schools, the community, and the society at large. It is therefore essential for the institution to transfer its mission, vision and values to the stake holders.

This is accomplished through the following ways:

  • The mission, vision statements and the values are mentioned in the prospectus of the College, the syllabus book and the web-site of the institution.
  • The Principal during the Induction ceremony of the B.Ed. programme in the beginning of each academic year instills in the minds of the prospective teacher-trainees about the vision, mission, values and objectives of the institution.
  • These mission, vision and objectives are displayed on the notice board of the Principal’s office, the staffroom, classrooms and the library.
  • Various functions organized in the college like club activities, community living camp, cultural programmes, association programmes are in tune with the mission, vision and objectives of the institution.
  • The Honorable Secretary of the Nair Service Society and the Education Secretary of NSS Colleges’ Central Committee shares the vision, mission and values in meetings with the student teachers in various functions and educational visits organized by the institution.
  • Teacher educators through curricular and co-curricular activities reinforce and accomplish the mission, vision and values of the institution.

The mission includes the institution’s overall aims and objectives in terms of addressing the needs of the society, the students it seeks to serve, the school sector, education institution’s traditions, value orientations and modern life expectations.

            The mission statement of the institution is ‘“To create intellectually alert, professionally competent, morally upright, emotionally integrated, spiritually enlightened, physically sound, socially conscious and committed teachers.” This mission statement of the institution is further spelled out in the form of objectives through which it endeavors to achieve its mission.  The objectives of the institution are as follows:

  • To prepare student-teachers to bring in quality in all their endeavors.
  • To inspire individual, social, emotional and intellectual competence.
  • To create an awareness among student-teachers about regional, national and global issues.
  • To provide opportunities to interact with experts in the field of education.
  • To develop networking skills with their contemporaries.
  • To cultivate organizational skills through team work, collaborations and co-operation.
  • To train the student-teachers in imparting and evaluating learning experiences.
  • To inspire the student-teachers to meet the challenges of dynamic society.
  • To provide supportive skills in dealing with academic and personal problems of learners.
  • To nurture the thirst for knowledge and skills in the latest innovations and technologies in education.
  • To inculcate research skills to find solutions to classroom problems.
  • To sensitize the student-teachers towards the threatening environmental issues.
  • To direct the student teachers to full fill their role as nation builders.
  • To enable student teachers for developing an intellectual and socially committed future generation.

            The above mentioned objectives of the institution specifically highlight the needs of the society in terms of empowering student teachers to tackle the classroom problems effectively following the right and scientific methodology through constant research, sensitizing student-teachers with the national, global and environmental issues and inculcating an attitude towards undertaking initiatives to solve them in productive ways. Student teachers and teacher educators always get involved in different community services like giving free tuition to the poor and weak students, donating blood, helping the people at the old age home, service at different orphanages and the like. The institution has also provided services that include teaching in regular classrooms and providing educational resources to neighboring schools and colleges.

            The objectives clearly indicate the necessity to support the student teachers in the best possible manner by inculcating individual, social, emotional and intellectual competencies through various programs and workshops. The institution aims at training student teachers in imparting and evaluating learning experiences through its practice teaching program, the pedagogical analysis, the year-planning, unit-planning, lesson planning and question paper setting and other co-curricular activities like SUPW, community living camp and extension activities

          The institution fosters in the minds of the student teachers self-dependency and self-efficacy in learning by adopting teaching methods such as peer tutoring, co-operative learning, seminars, self-study, supervised study and e-learning strategies. The institution also provides the student teachers an opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field of education by organizing talks and seminars on current educational topics.  Moreover the institution also helps to equip student-teachers to use the latest technology in teaching-learning.

           The school sector and the society at large gain benefits by fulfilling the aforesaid objectives, as we disperse quality teachers with excellence into the public. Most of the student-teachers secure jobs even before completing the course and by exhibiting their teaching skills in the practice teaching schools. The institution feels proud to find many of its students in several service sectors other than education too.