Dr Smitha R



Curriculum Vitae

Name                                                                          : Dr. Smitha R

Designation : Associate Professor, NSS Training           College, Ottapalam, Kerala, India

Address : ‘Aathira’, Nanjappa Nagar, Olavakkode, Palakkad, Kerala, India – 678002

Educational qualification                                      : M Sc, M Ed, NET (Education), Ph D


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Year of



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Board of Secondary Education





First class with Distinction

Languages, Sciences,

Social Science, Mathematics

Pre Degree


University of Calicut



First class

Physics, Chemistry,



B. Sc


University of Calicut





First class with Distinction




M. Sc


University of Calicut



First class


B. Ed

University of Calicut



First class

Physical Science Education


M. Ed


University of Calicut






First class (Third Rank)

Education – Educational Technology,

Physical Science Education


University of Calicut






Date of entry into service                                         : 01. 12. 2005

Years of experience                                                   : 16 years and 5 months in regular service. 2 years experience as lecturer in an unaided B Ed College. 9 months teaching experience as Guest Lecturer in Physics Department, NSS College, Ottapalam

Articles published : 25 articles published in different national and international journals and edited books

Lectures, Seminars & workshops attended and Resources

: Attended national and international level seminars and workshops and presented papers

                                                                                    : Acted as resource person to handle a session on ‘Art and Education’ among B Ed Students.

                                                                                    : Acted as resource person for the inaugural session of ‘Sasthra Tharangam’ a venture started by Govt. of Kerala to develop scientific attitude among students

Positions held : Chairman for Practical examination for B Ed under Uty. of Calicut from 2015 onwards

                               : Question paper setter for MG University and Kerala Universityfrom 2012 onwards

                               : PG Board of studies member for Lifelong Education and Extension (2017-2020)

: B Ed Curriculum Revision Committee member 2015 University of Calicut


: Member, Board of Practical Examination for B Ed, University of Calicut 2006 – 2015


: Chief examiner, B Ed Theory Examination Valuation, University of Calicut from 2010 onwards


: Judge for State level INSPIRE Award.

: Member of Expert Committee to Prepare Syllabus for M Ed University of Calicut


: Chairman, Confidential Work, TTC(LP/ UP) Examination, Office of the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Pareeksha bhavan, Kerala State. 2021


: Examiner MEd Viva voce, University of Calicut, 2016, 2021, 2022


: M Ed Theory Paper (Trends and issues in education/ Research Methodology/ Physical Science) Examiner/Valuer University of Calicut


: M Ed Dissertation Examiner/ Valuer University of Kerala 2021


: Faculty member in the judgement panel for sub district, district and state level Science Fair and Exhibition since 2007

: Has been a member in the judging panel for the ‘sasthrolsavam’ science fair conducted by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Ernakulam Region in 2015

: Research Guide in Dept. of Education, University of Calicut from 2020

: Convener Women cell , Kerala Private College Teachers’ Association


Co curricular Activities                                            : ‘Kalathilakam’ at sub district level competition in 1992 and got ‘A’ grade at District level competition for Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi & Folk dance

                               : Rajyapuraskar winner & Rashtrapati guide (President Guide)

                               : Best out going student in 1992

                               : Participated in the E zone competition and got 2nd prize and ‘A’ grade in inter zone festival of University Of Calicut

                                                                                     : Classical dancer

Awards : Winner of Research Excellence Award for the year 2021 by Institute of Scholars

                               : Recognized as Reviewer for International Journal of Management and Social Studies

: Professional life member of Institute of Scholars


List of Publications


  1. International Journal of Psychosocial rehabilitation Vol-24 Issue 1. January. Effectiveness of Concept Mapping Strategy on Achievement in Biology among Secondary school students. ISSN: 1475 – 7192. Page No: 9104 – 9125. DOI: 37200/IJPR/V24I1/PR202453. 2020. Scopus Indexed Journal.
  2. Published a book on “An assessment of the Training and Career Support Facilities of The Vocational Higher Secondary Schools In Kerala” ISBN: 978-1-68576-092-2. INSC International Publishers. 2021
  3. Written a chapter in the edited book named Remodelling strategies and policies for future ready learning, chapter name ‘The rising relevance of multidisciplinary approaches in social science education. SNM Training College, Moothakunnam, Kerala. ISBN: 978-93-5457-348-4.Page No.172 -175
  4. Utkal Historical Research Journal. Vol-34 (XV) January-March (2021). ISSN No: – 0976-2132. An overview of cloud computing in education. Page No. 8 -13. 2021
  5. Written a chapter in the edited book named Crafting a new world in school education chapter name ‘School management system: An effective tool for the future’. Council for teacher education foundation (CTEF) Kerala Publishers. ISBN:978-93-5437-411-1

Page. No. 115 – 130. 2021

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Areas of interest

  1. Physical Science Education
  2. Educational Technology
  3. Educational psychology