School Adoption Programme

The School Adoption Programme aims at transforming the school education system to impart quality education and open up new vistas for students and teachers irrespective of their social, cultural, religious or economic milieus. As a part of the programme our college has been supporting NSSKPT VHSS, Ottapalam both academically and non-academically. The programme strengthens the inextricable link between the school and its immediate community and the dynamics of teacher student relationship. The teacher trainees are encouraged to deliberate and share their ideas and resources with the young minds to develop and nurture a collaborative atmosphere. Through the undertakings like Padikkam…Padipikkam (Free tuition), Orumich (Overcoming stress and anxiety), Padikkan Oru Udupp (Free uniform), Nadakakkalari (School of Theatre Arts), Chithrarachana Shilpashala (Workshop on painting), Ezhuthipura (House of Letters), etc, the students are encultured by refining their existing skills, infusing novel ones and endowing them with humanitarian morals and values.