Parents’ Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association is a non-government organization of the parents of all students of the College and the teaching faculty. It is a very active organization working in the College to provide a common forum for interaction of parents and teachers so as to improve facilities for academic excellence. It also provides special and essential services to the students and the staff.

To maintain continued association between the parents and teachers and to promote activities for the well-being of the students, a Parent Teacher Association is formed. The Association meets at regular time intervals to discuss various problems relating to the general welfare of the students.

The members of PTA consist of:

PTA President- Dr.Ampili Aravind

PTA Vice President- Mr. Ramakrishnan

PTA Secretary- Dr.Suresh Kumar K.

PTA Treasurer- Dr.Sreekala S.

PTA Executive Members: –

  • Smitha R.
  • Seema Menon K.P.
  • Sreekala S.
  • Sankaranarayanan Paleeri
  • Sheeba Krishnan