1. In regard to all matters connected with their conduct in and out of the college the students of the
college are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the best standards of manners
and behaviour.
2. The students should maintain modesty in their dressing.
3. When a class is in progress no student shall enter or leave the class without the permission of
the teacher.
4. Students are not allowed to loiter on the verandhas or corridors of the college during class hours.
5. Students should handle all college properties with care. They are not allowed to disfigure the
building, compound walls, desks or benches with any writings or engraving or posters.
6. No notice or appeal of any kind should be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice
board or anywhere within the college premises. Students are also not allowed to organise or
conduct meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without prior permission of the
7. Smoking and chewing are strictly prohibited within the college premises.
8. Students should take note of the announcements and other notifications put on the Notice Board
and failure to do so will not be an excuse for acts of commission or omission.
Discipline and code of conduct for teachers and administrators
 Principal, Teaching and non-teaching faculty should strictly follow the code of conduct
framed by the institution.
 Principal, Teaching and non-teaching faculty should be present in the college before the
morning assembly/thought for the day program and should leave the institution only after
the working hours.
 A democratic atmosphere has to be maintained in the institution.
 Mutual respect has to be maintained among the students and colleagues.
 Respectful language has to be used in the institution and must be considerate to the feelings
of others.
 New entrants in the teaching and nonteaching fraternity have to be welcomed and
introduced to the institution.
 Honesty must be practiced and encouraged in the institution.
 Grievances of the students must be addressed and appropriate actions has to be taken on
 The service of stakeholders must be available all times for the development of students,
institution and the society.
 Each individual has to be treated by accepting his/her individual difference.
 The stakeholders must demonstrate the passion for excellence in their respective fields.
 The stakeholders must be accountable for their words, actions and behaviour in the
 The stakeholders must demonstrate, inspire and guide through their own conduct that
learning is a character building noble activity.
 Delivery of online purchase will not be entertained during class hours.
 Marking attendance in the Attendance register /punching has to be done in the morning
before and in the evening after the working hours.
 Leaving the institution in the case of emergency during working hours must be reported
and the permission has to be obtained from the Principal.
 Application for leave has to be submitted in advance and in case of emergency has t to be
submitted on the day of return after leave.
 Everyone in the institution has to be treated equally irrespective of the caste, creed,
religion, culture and differential abilities.